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Whether your are a custodial parent or non-custodial parent, with or without an existing child support order, Gallagher Law Office can help guide you through the process of finding the right solution for your particular situation.
          " 'Child Support' is money paid by a parent to a party taking care of the children (usually, the other parent) to help support the children. A parent has a legal duty to help support his/her children. The court's main concern in setting child support is to make sure that your children have enough money to meet their needs. Support is for clothes and food, to give the children a place to live (rent/mortgage and utilities) and have decent daycare and medical care. If the parents do not have enough money to meet the children's needs, the court also takes into account parents' ability to pay.
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A stepparent also has a legal duty to help support his/her stepchildren until a divorce from the child's parent is final or until there is a court order ending the stepparent's obligation. The parent usually must pay child support monthly. The amount is determined by working through the Washington State Support Schedule.

The Schedule applies to all cases in which child support is ordered, even if the child now lives in another state. The Schedule includes definitions, standards, instructions, and an economic table.
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The Schedule works like an income tax table. The court figures out each parent's income, adds it together, and finds the amount of support on the Schedule that applies to the number and ages of your children. This amount is called the “basic support obligation.”
We talk later about how in some cases the court will order the paying parent to pay less or more than the basic support obligation."*

         "Child Support Enforcement & Financial Recovery – Ensuring parents live up to the responsibility of supporting their children and improving the self-sufficiency of families through increased financial and medical support. In addition to child support, the administration's collection of other debts owed to the Department protects taxpayers, while helping programs meet current expenditures and provide financial assistance, medical care and other benefits and services to those in need." **

**Resource: Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
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She is dedicated to getting her clients the divorce representation they need. She knows how important child custody, property division, visitation rights, and spousal maintenance are to you, and she wants to help. To discuss your particular needs, contact her by calling her today at (509) 326-4162, or stop by at 1821 West Fifth Avenue, Suite 101 in Spokane, Washington.